Academy of the Sacred Heart
Aftercare Program

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2018 Spring Semester Class Schedule REGISTER ONLINE REGISTER BY MAIL
Every Wednesday beginning January 10 - May 9.
Class Level Day x/wks Price
Semester Fee includes a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.
Kindergym (PreK, K) PreK4 & Kindergarten Wed 2:30 - 3:15 1x/wk $320
ACRO Gymnastics 1st grade - 4th grade Wed 3:15 - 4:05 1x/wk $320

ASH - Class Information

Registration Pay Online

Current Members: to enroll your child in a class you have to log into Parent Portal and select class.

New Members: to enroll your child in a class you have to create a new member account then log into Parent Portal and select class. Click here for more information.

Registration Pay by Mail

To enroll your child in a class please download registration form and mail it back to us.



PreK and K students are to wear their Sacred Heart bloomers and smocks. It is our policy not to dress this group into leotards, because it takes away too much time from their gymnastic class and many uniforms get lost.

1st - 4th graders are to wear their Leotard and ponytail. You may purchase a Leotard for $40.00 by filling out a Leotard Order Form or stop by our main gymnastics facility site at 1725 Dufossat Street, New Orleans, LA 70115..

Ponytails must be worn on gymnastics days to avoid injuries and promote safety.

Pick Up

PreK and K students may be picked up in the Lobby at 3:05 pm. 1st - 4th graders may be picked up in the Lobby at 4:05 pm. Remaining students will go to PLUS.

1st thru 4th grade students do not go to PLUS before class. They are picked up on the playground at 2:40pm. Coaches will bring them to a classroom for a snack break before their 3:00pm class. Please pack a small snack on wednesdays.


Rainbow ribbons are given at the end of the semester for skills achieved. This is an excellent motivational tool that helps a child set goals and provides parent feedback.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel before the semester begins, the $50.00 registration fee is non refundable. Because NOLA Gymnastics is holding a spot for your child the entire semester, tuition is non refundable if you decide to cancel anytime during the semester.


Mini-Meets are held at the end of each semester at NOLA Gymnastics 1725 Dufossat St. The girls will compete against Newman, McGehee and NOLA Gymnastics. Students that compete may purchase a Pink NOLA Gymnastics Leotard. Entry form will be sent out before the Mini-Meet or you can print a registration form from this website.

Class Description

Kinder Gym:

Pre-K and K students enjoy tumbling, beam, bars, wedges, octagon, parachute, rhythmic ribbons, obstacle course, music and fun all done on pre-school equipment. This class includes a hot shot group for kids showing potential for future TEAM.

We encorage all Kinder Gym students to compete in the Mini-Meets at the end of each semester.

ACRO Gymnastics:

1st thru 4th graders enjoy fitness, tumbling, beam, bars, obstacle course, music and fun. We teach USA Gymnastics curriculum. All students may compete on the Sacred Heart Gymnastic Team.

Mini-Meets are held twice a year at NOLA Gymnastics 1725 Dufossat Street. Students will compete against Newman, McGehee and NOLA Gymnastics.


Students are selected by invitation only. Girls will train at NOLA Gymnastics facility in USAG Junior Olympic Program.

NOLA ACRO Team gymnasts will compete in local, state, regional and national championships.

Our gym is located Uptown
2 blocks off St. Charles Ave. corner of Dufossat and Danneel
on the Newman Campus

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